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For last 18 years and counting, we have worked with the best minds in the industry to dish out various custom made designs of tensile structure, tensile fabric structure. With cooperation and coordination from architects, engineers, owners and contractors, we have created some truly innovative designs of car parking tensile structures, entrance tensile structures, domes tensile structure, canopies tensile, tensile cover for auditorium, auditorium tensile structure and swimming pools tensile structure etc. As a specialty contractor we believe in cooperation right from the start of a project, we provide assistance in pre-construction, designing, devising construction methodologies, scheduling etc.

What We Do In Tensile Structure

Ekra Decor work along with their clients throughout the entire process from design, sail fabrication, steel fabrication, installation, as well as providing post-sale services such as repairs, cleaning and maintenance.


membrane tensile structure

It looks completely stylish and provides better shade on installed.


membrane tensile structure

Wide range of parking sheds and two wheeler and four wheeler parking


membrane tensile structure

These continuous, soft roof membrane structures are supported


membrane tensile structure

Our Walkway Covering are designed for customer specific requirement


membrane tensile structure

These translucent tensioned membrane structure fabrics carry from seven .

Tensile Structure Architects
Tensile car park Structure


‘’If there's anything famous architects tried to teach us over the years is to never underestimate the power of design’’, said Simona Ganea

When it comes to architects, there’s truly no limit to what they can achieve. They are the ones who not forget to appreciate even the slightest change in structure that can turn them into iconic. All that we can do is assist them a bit, not with their art but with our requirements.

This page is dedicated for the architects, who can use it to get information about the tensile structures, the type of membrane (or fabric as its commonly known) that can be used and the best way to go for them. One can access information related to various design processes, new innovation on design methodologies, common design practices and the range of shapes and forms that one can opt for. You will also be able to get information related to fabrication of tensile membranes, ways and means to achieve sustainable designs as well as the different ways in which you can adorn the tensile structures with lighting.

We are one of the most recognizable names in the field of design, fabrication and manufacture of tensile architecture. We hope to build a long lasting relationship with you to construct the best for our valued clients and customers. With in-house manufacturing facility and round the clock customer service, we seek to deliver our orders in top quality at the earliest.

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tensile structure Engineers


Ever since its inception, tensile structures have been witnessing a steep rise. Thanks to their relative benefits vis-à-vis traditional brick and mortar structures, there’s no dearth of variety when it comes to their design and shape. But what sets them ‘really’ apart from other architectures is the innovation and far sightedness of engineers who design them.

This section is dedicated for the engineers. Here you can expect to find various codes required for tensile fabric structures, information related to various fabric design process, sustainable modes of fabrication and manufacturing and best prevalent design practices. You can also get a review of the performance characteristics of different polymers and fibers used in production of membranes or fabrics like ETFE films, PTFE fiberglass membrane, PVC fabric, PTFE high translucency membrane, nylons, vinyl etc. Among other things you can get information related to tensile fabric structures specification, examples of design details, plans, shapes and curvatures.

With dedicated team of highly skilled and trained professionals, technicians and engineers no one is in a better position than us to help you with latest standards and custom architectural tensile structure designs, the fabrication of membranes and use of designer softwares.

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tensile structure General Contractors

General Contractors

With constant innovation and research, we have continuously advanced the art of manufacturing tensile structures. With separate teams to handle project management, design, manufacture, safety, logistics and customer service we strive to provide our equal and undivided attention to each project – from as small as an entrance shade to as big as an auditorium tensile structure.

Our relationship with you starts right from the pre-design phase of a project and continues uninterrupted till its completion. We believe in constantly improving on our design methodologies to make it easily understandable to all the concerned stakeholders. Our standard policies and procedures related to health, work-site and safety is developed by our dedicated team to bring it in line with the requirements of the General contractors and be in adherence to existing government norms.

We believe in the philosophy of building long lasting relationships with our clients and customers alike. To bring this to fruition, we are always ready to have a cooperative approach and welcome all suggestions and requests while working with your general contractors or other assigned managers. For us, all that matters, is to provide the service exactly the way you have intended it to be.

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tensile structure


As a building owner, we understand the importance of having a building that lasts longer and costs less.

Ever since its inception, demand for tensile structure has been growing rapidly. They are being used everywhere – entrance sheds, designer car parking tensile structures, sun sheds, tensile structure covers for auditorium and swimming pools, retractable tensile structures, walkaway and industrial structures, canopies, domes, etc. The list seems to be endless.

Powering them ahead is its huge set of advantages. Easy to install and cheaper to maintain, they are benchmarks for durability, elasticity, weather resistance, flame resistance, strength and aesthetics. Depending on type of material being used to prepare the membranes or fabrics, these tensile fabric architectures can exhibit special characteristics as well. For instance, ETFE provides self-cleansing ability, Fiber coated Teflon shows exceptional tensile strength and flexibility and so on.

With expertise to design many complex and iconic shapes, we are well positioned to cater to your demands. Apart from typical designs, we also offer you the option of customizable designs.

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Our Working process

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Design Assistance:

During the conceptual stages of designing a tensile structure

Construction Methodologies:

We take into account site access, equipment availability

Project Schedule Development:

Each project will undergo a review process to develop a timely schedule that adheres to the project’s requirements.

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tensile structure client
tensile structure client
tensile structure client
tensile structure client
tensile structure client
tensile structure client

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