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Architectural Tensile Structure

Architectural Tensile structure

Large Range of Coated Fabrics for Tensile Architecture

Architectural Tensile Structure

There’s no limit to what an architects can achieve with their designs. The innovation and research has led to a spurt in the type of tensile structures available, commonly known as architectural tensile structures. Form very simple single dome structures to complex ones involving multiple curvatures, the sheer range of options available is sure to confuse anyone with their choice.

Architectural tensile structure is available in many shapes and sizes. Depending on what the structure is, say a gazebo or a car parking shed, the shape can vary. The most popular ones are square shaped, rectangular, octagonal or oval. They are available in other polygonal shapes as well. The variety of architectural tensile structures also come to fore in the choice of materials being used in their construction. They can be made from wood, metal or polymers. Some are even made from toughened glass. Each of these bring with them their own set of unique properties. Woods like oak, pine, cedar etc., for instance, are ornate but not-so-effective against extreme weather. Though polishing and chemical treatment extend their capabilities, it’s too little. Metals, especially aluminum, is far better thanks to its lightweight, strength and sturdiness. But they too, in absence of insulation, can turn unbearable in extreme winters and summers. In all likelihood, a fabric made of polymer and/or fiberglass is better suited.

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