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Landscape Tensile Structure

Landscape Tensile structure

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Landscape Tensile Structure

True to its name, landscape tensile structure is designed to transform the landscape. These are available in three designs – Conical landscape tensile structure, Twin conical landscape tensile structure and landscape vault shape tensile structure. Each of these are distinct in their looks if not use. The twin conical landscape tensile structure is by far the most popular of them all. It consists of two conical shaped roofs lying side by side. They find application in tents and canopies for organizing events, social gatherings, and temporary outposts, in hotels and restaurants and many more. The conical landscape tensile structure is also very common. They are mostly used as standalone structures for the similar applications like its ‘twin’ sibling. The difference in design arises in case of landscape vault shape tensile structure. Unlike the conical ones, it curves in the shape of ‘vault’ which can be either concave or convex in curvatures.

The material used for constructing any landscape tensile structure is mostly polymer fabrics. These being elastic can be easily given shapes depending on position of supports. They are balanced by the force of tension. The fabrics also impart these structures appealing designs, longer life, excellent finish, sturdiness, weather resistance, damage resistance and high tensile strength.

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