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Modular Tensile Structure

Modular Tensile structure

Modular Tensile Structure that is Used in Many Areas

Modular Tensile Structure

Modular means breaking a big design in smaller units and by that extension modular tensile structure refers to those structures that can be designed by breaking them in smaller parts. They are very useful especially in cases where it’s not possible to build the whole structure at once. Alternatively, the individual units of structure are manufactured at different locations and then assembled. One such use can be seen in school buildings where due to paucity of lands the construction can’t be carried out.

With modular tensile structure, you can’t just quickly install them but can remove and reinstall them again wherever and whenever you like it. It saves time and improves efficiency of construction. Also it’s cheaper than traditional brick and mortar thing. The option to customize designs and shapes as per one’s innovation is a plus. It should be kept in mind, though, that at the end of the day the modular tensile structure is still the tensile structure and inherits all their unique characteristics.

Only real thing that one needs to keep in mind while going for modular tensile structure is the scope and nature of scalability. It’s important not just from expansion point of view but also from assembling point of view.

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