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Tensile Fabric Shading Structure

Tensile Fabric structure

Design & Build of Tensile Fabric Shading Structure

Tensile Fabric Shading Structure

Too much sun? A shade is a place to go. While it’s definitely possible to build shades out of concrete and steel, they consume too much time and are a lot more permanent. Both their construction and their destruction involve huge cost. On the other hand, tensile fabric shading structure is much easier and cheaper to install as well as remove. This is not to confuse with the notion that it’s temporary and weak. When it’s there on the ground it’s solid and will remain so until decided otherwise.

The procedure to design any tensile fabric shading structure is same as any other tensile structure. The only difference is while choosing fabric materials i.e. during the fabrication stage of tensile structure design. The materials to be chosen must have certain perceptible qualities when it comes translucency and heat absorption or transmission. Too much of former will be same as having no shade and too less will lead to you searching for lights. A fine balance is all that’s needed. Similarly too much of heat absorbing or emitting quality may lead to heat imbalance inside the shade.

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