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Tensile Fabric Structure

Tensile Fabric Structure

Quality Interior, Exhibition and Exterior Fabric Structure

Tensile Fabric Structure

Wondering what a fabric can do? A lot if used innovatively. Tensile fabric structure is a masterpiece of what a fabric can do if applied a proper ‘tension’. Made from polymers or polymer coated fibers, fabrics or membrane as they are called are produced through process called fabrication. These fabricated membranes are then balanced atop supports with anchorages by the force of tension. By adjusting the position of supports, amazing designs can be created, one better than the other. They could be like a Taj shaped dome or sea wave like curves.

Every fabric brings with it its own unique properties. The fibers being long and sturdy are the lifeline of durability and elasticity. Polymers like ETFE provides excellent greenhouse, UV resistance and self-cleansing capability; fiberglass coated Teflon is notably good in its resilience against extreme weather patterns and elasticity, and so on. Tensile fabric structure is also very cost effective courtesy its ease of manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

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