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Tensile Roof Structure

Tensile Membrane Structure

Imagination & Innovation in Tensile Membrane Structure

Tensile Membrane Structure

Almost every tensile structure is a membrane structure in one way or the other. By membrane structure it is implied that fabric used in tensile structure is a membrane made out of polymers or similar materials. Such structures involve stretching and supporting a membrane by the force of tension. Canopies, domes, sheds are some of the most common tensile membrane structure.

To construct one such structure, you first need to fabricate the appropriate membrane. Depending on the use, it could be made out of ETFE, PVC, cotton, nylon etc. The choice of polymer imparts distinct properties to them. For instance, a fiberglass coated Teflon is more elastic and resilient to weather than others. Similarly, ETFE is more effective against UV rays than other polymers. Strength, durability, elasticity, aesthetics, weather resistance are some of the trademarks of tensile membrane structure. They are used almost everywhere – car parking, covers for auditorium or swimming pools, sun sheds, entrance and walkaway structures and even industrial structures. The ease of installation and cheaper maintenance are other key factors driving their use.

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