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Architectural Tensile structure

In-House Tensile Architecture Capabilities

Pre-construction services

Building a ‘dream’ that lasts long is a soul soaking business and no one realizes that better than us. We believe in association from the start and live by it. For almost two decades now, architects, engineers, contractors and owners have relied upon us for assistance on services that range from pre-construction to installation. We never disappoint. For pre-construction, the services offered by us include –


We provide conceptual assistance to the architects and engineers to build a design which is workable, sustainable and satisfies the need of client as well. This assistance also extends to the use of computer aided design methodologies.

Devising construction methodologies:

Easy and cost effective are the two buzzwords we always focus on while devising a suitable construction methodology for you. The assistance also includes developing solutions and methods related to site access, equipment availability, labor requirements and schedule constraints.

Budgeting and Scheduling:

The two most important parameters in any construction is Budget and schedule. We provide assistance related to devising methods that utilize costs effectively and efficiently. We also provide help related to developing a time schedule so that all activities can be completed on time and in tandem.

In-house capabilities


Our in-house team of highly skilled and trained designers and engineers work with clients during the initial phase of construction to fully understand their requirements; presenting them with design options and renderings to turn ‘their’ idea into icons. This clear understanding and cooperation at the start helps structural engineers and architects to plan out the most effective designs and material requirements.


Our team of specialty engineers, technicians and work with the latest custom tensile architectural materials and steel cable structure systems in the industry. Through analysis we deliver valuable information related to reaction loads, connection details, member sizing, interface and construction methodologies.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is capable of working with a wide array of tensile fabric materials, such as PTFE, PVC, and ETFE film. Our manufacturing process is known for its environmentally friendly and quality control procedures. We undertake recycling options to reduce the environmental burden of fabricating polymers. Thanks to its lightweight nature, the fabric can be transported easily and efficiently making it one of the most exceptionally sustainable building materials available for construction of any tensile structure.

Installation and maintenance:

The association doesn’t ends till will have reached the last mile – installation. With team of site engineers we undertake the task of assembling the modular tensile structure or installing the tensile fabric structures. With unparalleled experience in designing, fabrication and installation, we are second to none when it comes to the business of tensile structures. We also undertake the maintenance work as and when required.

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